Luxurious residential community for seniors
Make old friends
again and again
At 55, entertain yourself in 42 different ways

Welcome to Eden

Enter Primus Eden, a luxurious residential community for senior living, and you are bound to notice something wonderful: every resident is a senior, and everybody has a relaxed, easy-going manner about them. That is the beauty of a life at Primus Eden – resort-like hospitality in the luxury of your living space and conveniences a push of a button away to keep you comfortable, always. Not to mention the like-minded individuals you can make friends with. Who says you can’t be Super at Sixty?

Walk out, check in

Beginning your life at Primus Eden, a one-of-a-kind residential community for seniors, is as easy as driving through the gates and settling in, because we take care of everything else. It’s a whole new living option that caters to the comfort, care, safety, and enrichment of seniors like you in a resort-like environment – right from the plush, geriatric-friendly living spaces to on-demand world-class services tailored to individual needs. A zest for life is all you need to bring.

Experience service at its best

With a wide range of services designed to make the everyday lives of seniors seamless, freedom takes on a whole new meaning at Primus Eden. We take care of daily chores, run errands, plan activities, and take care of specific dietary needs for you, so you don’t have to. So, you can enjoy the mind space to do the things that you love to do – be it spending time meditating or learning a new language.

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Live, laugh, lighten up –
make yourself whole again

As an expert in organized senior care,
the well-being of seniors is our priority.

Senior using hydro pneumatic gym equipment at Primus Eden


Staying healthy is not just about being physically fit, but also about being mentally sharp. At Primus Eden, we have several ways to keep you healthy both ways. Choose to swim or play a game of snooker with friends, or indulge in new activities every day through our Life Enrichment CenterTM.

CCTV Surveillance camera at Primus Eden


We understand that to enjoy life to the fullest, one must live fearlessly in one’s surroundings. At Primus Eden, we take every measure to keep our residents safe. We have 24/7 security, with personnel hired after a rigorous background check. And outsiders are only allowed on the premises
after a security check.

Bedroom furniture with a height that does'nt strain the joints while climbing in


Attention to details makes our living spaces absolutely convenient. For example, rounded edges on the furniture prevent injuries from bumps; beds are built at a height that doesn’t strain the joints while climbing in or getting out of it; bathrooms are fitted with grab handles and anti-skid tiles; and the wireless emergency alarm system alerts people on mishaps from anywhere on the premises.

“Super at sixty – a Primus priority”

There is one important thing I have learnt over my 21 years in the hospitality industry, and it is that people are happiest when every need is anticipated and met. At Primus Eden, we offer the same service to seniors. They get to live on their own terms, secure in the knowledge that their life is taken care of for them – all they need to do is enjoy it. Their days are filled with ways to reconnect with old hobbies and discover new ones. They don’t have to do mundane chores any more. Who would not want to live a life like that?

Shantasheela, General Manager – Operations at Primus

Primus – focusing on organized senior care

Primus exists to provide seniors with an ecosystem of elder-centric conveniences, services, products, and residences. We integrate Bespoke Hospitality TM, Push-button Services, and emotional technology along with healthcare and senior-focused design to give them exactly what they wish for: a superior lifestyle.

An infographic flow chart representing the Primus Organized Senior Care Ecosystem

your space

Reconnecting with forgotten hobbies, cooking experiments, hosting friends, unwinding, ‘me’ space – whatever your need, take your pick from 75 ready-to-move-in luxurious living spaces nestled in 4.5 acres of sprawling greenery.

Single Bedroom

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With every convenience at your doorstep - including ways to stay active and feel good - Primus Eden is more affordable than most residential options outside the gated community. We invite you to see for yourself.
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Frequently Asked Questions
We know that you want to know more about life in and around Primus Eden.
Read on to find answers to some of the pressing queries you may have.
  • Location
  • Eligibilty
  • Property
  • Payment
  • Health
  • Facilities
  • Emergency care
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Visitors
  • Trial Stay
  • Volunteers
Where is Primus Eden? Is it well-connected?
Primus Eden is located on NH209, Main Kanakapura Road and is about 26 kilometers from UB City.
How old should I be to start living at Primus Eden? Can I live there alone?
The minimum age of our residents is 55 years. We encourage single occupants as well - that's what makes life at Primus Eden more enriching. If you are moving in with your spouse or friend, then one of you must meet the age requirement.
Are the Primus Eden units for sale?
If not, what are the monthly charges?
What's included in them?
All units at Primus Eden are only available on a Long Term Lease. You need to make a one-time payment of 25 lakhs, followed by monthly charges of approximately 25,000 per person. This is an estimate of the actual expenses. The charges include 3 nutritious meals and 2 healthy snacks a day, free use of all services and amenities, your utility (electricity & water) expenses, unlimited use of the Health First™ clinic, Empyrean Concierge™, Home Finesse™, and the Life Enrichment Center™.

To maintain the highest standards of service and transparency, we'll make monthly costs available to residents on an open book basis. We'll also have resident nominees on board to ensure all concerns are addressed.
Can I pay the amount for my Primus Eden space in equated installments?
Unfortunately, we currently don't have provisions for installments, so you will need to pay according to the payment schedule.
Why do you perform an initial assessment
of health? Do you have medical facilities
on-premise or around?
We do an initial assessment so we can meticulously plan your activities and diet at Primus Eden according to your health. If your health assessment indicates joint pain, for example, then we will substitute more physical activities with something more relaxing.

Every Primus development has an on-site Health First™ clinic. Just download the brochure for more details on our world-class, fully-equipped medical care center. Bannerghatta Road, which has major hospitals such as Apollo and Fortis, is just 15 minutes away.
What are the facilities available at Primus Eden?
Can I have my own parking spot?
We have several options for you to choose from - our own in-house multi-cuisine restaurant and coffee shop, a geriatric gym, a meditation center, jogging/walking path, a swimming pool, concierge services, and more. You can also have your own parking spot for a nominal fee at Primus Eden.
Emergency care
How do you handle medical emergencies?
Our Health First™ center is operational round-the-clock to address any immediate medical concerns you may have. However, if the emergency needs the attention of specialists, you may have to move to a good hospital till it is overcome.
What kind of food does Nutrition Nation™ serve?
Nutrition Nation™ is an all-vegetarian restaurant. It serves healthy and wholesome vegetarian cuisine that is specially designed by our on-premise nutritionist.
I love playing Golf and watching movies. Can I do both at Primus Eden?
Certainly! We have putting greens within the safety of Primus Eden's premises. If you need to practice your swing some more, our Life Enrichment™ team will organize golfing tours to other venues with 18 hole-golf courses. The Life Enrichment™ team will screen movies regularly at our multipurpose hall. Just look up the movie schedules in your activity calendar once you move in.
Do you have guest rooms for visitors?
Yes. We have fully-serviced guest rooms for visitors. So now, you can call your friends and family over for a sleepover!
Trial Stay
I want to experience Primus Eden before I can say yes. Do you organize trial stays?
Of course, we can arrange a trial stay for you. For details, please write to If you want to book a trial stay right away,
Do you encourage volunteer activities?
Wholeheartedly! Volunteer activities are integral to holistic senior living, so we will organize such activities and events from time to time.